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Take Me To Paradise

I want to leave
Go, go somewhere where
The skies are blue, the sun is bright,
The tree stays green, the flowers always in bloom
And the grass is lush.
Please, can we go there?
Can we go to the place where the ground is plushie soft.
The place where the falls spray the air.
Where sprites and faeries frolic about your head and unicorns and pegasus graze in the meadow beyond.
Would you please take me there?
Would you please take me to the place the water tastes like fruit juice.
Fruit juice tastes like chocolate milkshake.
Chocolate milkshake tastes like wine.
And wine tastes like water.
Where the pelt of the sheep is cotton candy
Porcupines carry liquorice vines
And snakes bite euphoria.
Take me to paradise 🙂
Where I can live merry, peaceful and care free.

I’d much like that, I would. It would be awesome.

be GOOD kids 😀


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