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Guys And Games: A Quick Guide Into The Minds Of…

There are many ways to escape reality, and all of us exploit one or more of them. For a lot of guys(myself included), and I suppose a few girls, video games are the primary, sometimes only, drug of choice.

Its not from immaturity or whatever, but simply because its the most satisfying. I mean, games grant you the opportunity to be anything or anyone you choose. You not controlling anyone or anything. For as long as you are in front of that screen, you are that person or thing, their successes are your successes, their failures are your failures, but their deaths will not be yours so I guess that’s where that premise ends.

They give you the opportunity to be anyone or anything you choose to be. None of us will ever actually get to be a greek warrior slaying monsters and gods, or a mage. Most of us will never get to be sports heroes. But all gamers would like to be, they’d relish the opportunity of doing something completely superbly unreal.

Its our escape from reality, our way of forgetting about anything that could/should be bothering us, because let’s admit it life is mundane and very un-extraordinary.

So, note to girls, don’t give your man grief about being on his x-box all day, its his time off from everything. Yes, sadly even you, but he needs a way to relax and forget. At least try and give him that.


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